Palisades Performance Series

Palisades performance line up includes board designs that encompass the needs from the entry level rider to the rider ready to shred a mountain pass rider.  Whether it's a directional shape or a multidirectional shape, our performance boards are designed, developed, and tested by our team riders.


The Mini Hornet

8 Ply
WB: 25", 26", 27"

The Mini Hornet is our answer for the rider looking for a comfortable stiff directional shape.  The W concave is just right, with just the right amount of forward taper along with it's matte black finish.  This is a favorite amongst the serious racer/free rider.



The Stinger

8 Ply
WB: 22"

The Stinger is a directional Speed/Free-Ride shape.  A hybrid of our flagship Hornet and our multi-directional Ravage shape.  This board is the answer for the rider looking for a wider nose for a comfortable front foot placement, along with multiple rear foot pockets for solid heel and toe-side control for railing corners or throwing steezy slides.  This board has it all.


The Ravage

8 Ply
WB: 29"

The Ravage is a great multi-directional free ride shape, designed by Palisades team rider Francesca Rosario.  Francesca designed the Ravage looking for a freeride board with lots of versatility.  Shaped out of our bacon mold with multiple foot pockets and hips for plenty of leverage and hold for both the male and female rider alike.  The Ravage is a solid, versatile, freeride platform.  Good all around board.  Excellent downhill/freeride shape.  Also a great cruiser for someone looking for a larger platform.


The Scorpion

8 Ply
WB: 17.875"
Nose & Tail: 5"

The Scorpion is a multi-directional free ride shape. Yes, we mean free riding in every sense of the word. From the mountain pass to the park or ditch, or just kicking around the street. This multi-directional shape comes with a deep concave and modern flares for larger diameter wheels.


The Drone

8 Ply
WB: 24", 25"

The Drone is for the rider who wants the killer distinctive look of a directional board, but wants to emphasize free riding over speed.  The Drone gives you the best of both worlds, with it's long parallel gas pedals, this board allows you to ride switch with confidence and steez.  Point it downhill and take advantage of the pedal for leverage and solid control railing those tight corners. 8 Ply laid up and pressed right in our own So. Cal. factory.